Apprendre site from TV5
An interactive website that teaches French through videos and news reports
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  • interactive exercises
  • includes several levels to start from
  • videos are generally transcribed or subtitled
TV5's Apprendre site uses videos and news reports to teach French and has thousands of exercises that range from a beginner to intermediate level. The videos cover all sorts of different subjects: they might tell the story behind a famous work of art or highlight an innovative new recycling program or explain how a traditional practice is adapting to COVID19. The site is intended for independent learners; you can check your answers, you can read transcripts of the video, and there is generally a little question mark icon near the top of the exercise to point you in the right direction if you're not sure what the exercise is asking you to do.

The levels are labeled A1 (which is for beginners) through B2 (which is a level where you can get by in the language, more or less understanding and making yourself understood, often correcting your own mistakes, and so on). The lower level exercises have directions in English, but as you advance in level, they begin giving directions in French.

You can visit their website (below) or download their app!
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