Africultures` Français-Facile section
A ’simplified’ French section of a webzine about Africa and its diasporas
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  • separated by language level
  • learn about other parts of la Francophonie
  • articles, video clips, songs, etc.
Africultures is a Paris-based magazine focusing on arts and culture from Africa and its diasporas, and its website has a section called Français-Facile (or “Easy French”). While the “easiness” of the French may be seen differently by different learners, it does separate articles into different levels starting with “A2: Niveau facile” which would correspond to an upper-level beginner.

These free-to-access articles talk about musicians, films, poets, etc. and even include an option at the bottom of the article to hear the text read aloud. There are also a handful of optional comprehension questions and activities at the bottom of each article’s page if you want to test your understanding.
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