Kirby Jambon`s Youtube channel
Educational Youtube videos from teacher, poet, and Louisiana French speaker Kirby Jambon
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  • beginner level Louisiana/Cajun French
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Kirby Jambon has decades of experience teaching French, both as an elementary school French Immersion teacher and an instructor of Louisiana French for adults. He is also an award-winning author of three books, having been honored by the prestigious Académie Française in 2014, and being named Poet Laureate of French Louisiana in 2020. His Youtube channel includes poetry readings and lessons in French for kids who are already in French Immersion, but beginners will be particularly interested in his “Beginners’ Louisiana French” section.

A description from that page: “A series of lessons in the French language of Louisiana, also known as Cajun French but spoken by Louisiana Creoles, Native Americans and others as well as those who identify as Cajun. Facebook message to be added to Louisiana French chat group where documents are attached, and/or join our Facebook group, Louisiana French Lessons where documents are also attached.”

The videos are free on Youtube, but if you find yourself really appreciating the work Kirby puts into these videos, send him a donation via Paypal or Venmo!
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