LSU Cajun French pages
A collection of webpages with information on Louisiana French
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  • systematic grammar explanations
  • has a page of 'faux amis' that are different in Louisiana and International French
  • good if you have some basics in French first
This series of webpages was originally designed by Amanda LaFleur for LSU students taking her Louisiana French language classes. The site doesn’t present a comprehensive review of the language, but it does offer detailed explanations for things like question forming and verb conjugations in Louisiana French. This makes it a great resource if you have a knowledge of the basics of International French and want to get familiar with some aspects of Louisiana French that are different. It can get kind of technical at times, so you may have to refresh yourself on what "2nd person plural" or "subject pronouns" are.

There are also some useful glossary sections; for the Louisiana French-to-English glossary, a reference like the Dictionary of Louisiana French (Ms. LaFleur is also a co-editor on that dictionary) might be a more comprehensive resource, but one benefit of using the site is that there are audio files for a handful of the vocabulary lists, so you can hear the pronunciation.
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