Dictionary of Louisiana French
The most thorough reference on the French language in Louisiana
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  • shows a variety of local spellings, pronunciations
  • example sentences in French with English translations
  • French to English dictionary, English to French glossary
The Dictionary of Louisiana French: As Spoken in Cajun, Creole, and American Indian Communities is the most comprehensive dictionary of the French language in Louisiana to date. It took a team of university linguists and Louisiana locals over a decade to create this dictionary which features example sentences, pronunciation guides, and multiple accepted spellings when there is more than one way to say or spell something.

Note that the French-to-English section is genuinely a dictionary - that is to say that it gives explanations and examples - while the second section (English-to-French) is not as detailed. With a little practice, however, it is easy to use the English-to-French side to look up a word you want to learn in French (for example, “think”) and then use the French side to see it used in context. Let’s say you look up “think” and get a few options like croire and jongler; you can then look up croire and jongler in the French-to-English side and you’ll see example sentences like “Je crois que son dernier nom était Ouarnet” (“I think his last name was Ouarnet”) and “Je vas jongler sur ça.” (“I’ll think about that.”)

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