Bienvenue! Clovis Crawfish & the Bayou All-Star Band
A CD of songs from the classic Louisiana children’s book series
Instructional Media   For Beginners For Continuing Learners   Louisiana   Free Paid
  • accompanies Clovis Écrevisse book series
  • collaboration with popular South Louisiana musicians
  • CD has versions with singing and instrumental versions so you can do your own "karaoke"
Bienvenue! by Clovis Crawfish and the All-Star Bayou Band is a CD that can be purchased online or in a handful of stores in the Lafayette area. Created by Théâtre Acadie children’s theater founder Sarah Gauthier Roy, this disc brings to life the songs that are written in the Clovis Écrevisse (Clovis Crawfish) book series by Mary Alice Fontenot. Well-known Louisiana musicians like Roddie Romero and Yvette Landry sing simple children’s songs in French and you can follow along with the story by reading the French (or English) versions of the books themselves.

Resources like this work great not only for children but for adults who are beginner-level learners of French and need materials with simplified language. To find out more about the Bienvenue! CD project, or to find out where you can buy a copy, visit the project's website below. The album is available for free on Spotify, but we highly suggest that you support the local creators of this project by buying a copy.
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