Coffee Break French
A beginner-level podcast that teaches French via audio
Instructional Media   For Beginners For Continuing Learners   Free Paid
  • download to your phone or listen off website
  • structured as a dialogue between teacher and student
  • episodes 15 to 30 mins long
Coffee Break French is an instructional podcast for English speakers learning French. It’s free to download wherever you get your podcasts; for a fee, you can join the broader “course” which includes not only the audio lessons of the podcast but also written and video materials.

The podcast is structured as a one-on-one dialogue between a teacher and student of French. Season 1 features forty lessons that are between 15 and 25 minutes and is intended for absolute beginners. There are now several seasons available and the material gets a little more advanced as you go along. It is recorded in the UK, but don’t worry, the instructor’s Scottish accent doesn’t carry over into French. Find it wherever you get your podcasts or visit their website.
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