Ti Liv Kréyòl
Downloadable introductory lessons on Louisiana Creole
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  • primer on Louisiana Creole a.k.a. Kourivini
  • vocabulary, sample dialogues, explanations of writing system, etc.
  • download for free or buy a hard copy
This is a free PDF you can download online. Created by a group of activists, this primer isn’t a complete textbook but it’s a step towards developing a full curriculum of Louisiana Creole language-learning materials for teachers, students, and independent learners. This second edition has simple lessons organized around themes like family, weather, or food and even includes audio files.

Each lesson contains a vocabulary list and short dialogues to show how this vocabulary is used in normal conversation. There is also a 1,500+ word glossary at the end so that you can use these basic structures to create new sentences and ideas, as well as a grammar section to explain in English how the language is structured. You can download the PDF for free, or you can buy a paperback copy.